Jan. 29th, 2017

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I've been putting political posts under FL on LJ. I'm going to start putting them on DW first and see what happens.

The deep metaphysical question behind yesterday's immigration ban seems to be, is this incident a disaster for Trump? I'm not at all sure that it is. It seems to be: there's been untold chaos at the airports, untold protests in the streets, judges issuing stays in less than 24 hours, etc.

But Trump's made disastrous statements before: the "Mexican" judge, the pussy-grabbing tape, the Gold Star family, and on and on. Remembering that his popularity was never that great to begin with, none of those seem to have dented it.

I've seen it subterraneally suggested that chaos is what Steve Bannon wants: it appeals to the adrenaline panic of Trump supporters, by showing the world in a chaotic state that only a firm authoritarian hand can control (never mind that it was the attempt at a firm authoritarian hand that caused the chaos), that their leader needs their support because the protests show how beleaguered and surrounded by enemies he is; and above all because the innocent people caught in this nightmare are Muslims with weird Islamic names.

So don't expect any of these heart-rending stories to appeal to the bigots, for bigots the Trump supporters are. Look, I know we've been over this. Every time it's suggested that there's even an element of bigotry in Trump's support, they go all puffy and indignant that you're calling them bigots. But as Trump over and over again does things that only a bigot could love, it becomes closer and closer to inevitable that anyone who still loves him is a bigot. If you want not to be a bigot, give up Trump.

Notice too the entire lack of sympathy in the government statement. Aliens do not have an "unfettered right" to enter the U.S., it self-righteously says. But nobody claimed they did. They already went through fetters to get as far as they did. They have visas. Visas are not handed out as gift cards on the street. A visa is a clearance to enter the country. You want to change the criteria by which they're issued, fine; but these ones already have been issued. The people covered by the judges' orders have green cards. A green card is an order that you have the right to enter the country. It can only be revoked by specific legal proceedings.

Note thirdly that this whole event is security theater. Nobody from any of these countries has ever been a domestic terrorist. The terrorists have been from countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, countries not covered by the ban. (Countries, it's been noted, that Trump does business in.)

So no, if you're still waiting for Trump's inevitable fall, I don't think this is going to be it. He's already fallen as far as he's going to go, and it's not far enough.


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