Jan. 22nd, 2017


Jan. 22nd, 2017 07:09 pm
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Yesterday I marched, so today I can hardly move. That's the way of the no longer spry.

I forgot to report on what I brought to the march. I carried no sign. (Few of those who did had added the concept of a pole.) Instead, I dug out my old "Secular Humanist Defense League" button, which received some approbation. I also decided to wear an appropriate tie. I have several American thematic ties, including one covered in signatures of the Founding Fathers, but this time I decided to be partisan, and wore my Democratic convention tie, which depicts donkeys (the party symbol) holding up state banners and balloons.

The news reports that our local march had "more than 25,000" attendees. Several were interviewed. If I'd been asked, I'd have just said, "I'm here to support the women."

The news also reports that spotted among the marchers was Meg Whitman. I'd known that the Megasaurus had disavowed Trump long ago, but it's nice to read that she put her feet where her mouth is, and not in it.

I'd thought beforehand that the local march was going to be just a poor substitute for the main event in Washington. But no: the worldwide multiplicity of them - on every continent, including Antarctica - was itself a huge effect. Turned out to be worthwhile, I hope.


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