Jan. 1st, 2017

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Realizing that I was unlikely to find much other opportunity for socializing over this New Year's holiday, I reinforced myself with caffeine so that I wouldn't fall asleep and attended my friends' annual New Year's Eve party. (B. was feeling poorly and stayed home.) I stayed till the end of the party at 2:30, which turned out to be later than the traffic lights on the drive home wanted to stay up.

During the course of conversation, I found myself siding with Tim May in a disagreement with Brad Templeton over the causes of the war in Syria. Anyone knowing both me and those two gentlemen might find that an unusual disposition of resources.

At another point, some of us were discussing people who perform dangerous stunts for the adrenaline rush. We then began listing what we ourselves find adrenaline-stimulating that isn't dangerous. "What gets my adrenaline going," I said very quickly, "is the retransition at the end of the development section of the first movement of Carl Nielsen's Second Symphony." That shut everybody up.


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